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Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum

Tell Me Three ThingsJulie Buxbaum’s YA debut, Tell Me Three Things, may be one of the most popular young adult contemporary reads this year.  We all know what it’s like to have our world turned upside down; that’s exactly what happens to Jessie, our heroine, whose mother dies. Jessie’s father elopes with a woman he met online, leaving her with a step-monster (oh, I meant stepmother). And now Jessie has to attend a super-intimidating Los Angeles prep school, Wood Valley High School, on the other side of the country. Jessie’s new step-monster has a teenage son to top it off, who is not interested in helping her adjust to her new life in the least.

When Jessie is just about ready to give up and head back to Chicago, she gets help from an anonymous source who calls themselves Somebody/Nobody (SN). SN emails her and offers to be her lifeline at Wood Valley High School.  Is someone out to get Jessie, or can she truly rely on what seems to be her only ally in life?  Will Jessie ever be able to call Los Angeles home?

This is such a funny, relatable book, and a quick read.  Plenty of characters and a great storyline will keep you hooked to the end.  Tell Me Three Things is a definite addition to your shelf this spring.

– Becky

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The Here and Now by Ann Brashares

The Here and NowAnn Brashares’ novel, The Here and Now, is a beautiful story of time travel, love and heartbreak. It takes the overdone dystopia genre and gives it new life by bringing a damaged future into the present.

Prenna James is an immigrant that comes from the future—a dim future where blood plagues and food scarcities make life unlivable. She and a minor group of other immigrants form a secret community trying to blend in with life in present day. Life is better, but Prenna feels bound by the severe rules and endless surveillance by community leaders. When Prenna breaks some rules and forms a connection with Ethan Jarves, a ‘time native’ who senses something dissimilar about the time travelers, her world changes. Together, Prenna and Ethan must determine how to change the present and prevent a dreadful future.

The Here and Now has all the fundamentals that attract dystopian readers—regulatory governments and leaders, intrigue, looming world disaster, and a little romance. However, Brashares adds the thrilling twist of time travel and an ability to alter the future. Ethan and Prenna are thought-provoking and well-written characters with classic adolescent fears, as well as, commendable adulthood. Their story is a captivating mystery where elements of science fiction combine with a modern plot. With these style mishmashes, The Here and Now will appeal to a wide variety of young readers.

– Brittany

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