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The Bubble Wrap Boy by Phil Earle

The Bubble Wrap BoyThis is the story of Charlie Han, a boy who is short in stature but big in heart. Charlie is more than a little clumsy, which combined with his diminutive frame, has made him an easy target for the bullies of the world. Now add in his mother who takes being overprotective to the next level and you have a recipe for trouble which seems to have no problem finding Charlie.

Charlie’s best friend is Sinus, a boy with a super-big nose and an equally low ranking in the pecking order of high school. Sinus seems resigned to his (lack of) social status, but Charlie wants to find a way to stand out and get noticed. He decides that if he could develop a skill, something he’s really good at, then people will finally see him as an equal.

While out on a delivery for his father’s Chinese restaurant, Charlie sees a boy on a skateboard sail by doing amazing tricks. He quickly starts to obsess about becoming a top-notch skateboarder and sees this as his big chance to finally fit in. This isn’t going to be easy with Charlie’s mom in the picture. Even when she gives in to allowing him to do the food deliveries (on a three-wheeled bike), she makes him wear so much protective gear that he’s quickly the butt of more jokes and taunts. She has her reasons for the way she is though and that becomes clear with a shocking revelation later in the book.

Don’t hesitate to pick up this book as it is a great story of friendship, family, and overcoming obstacles to become something more than you thought you could.

– Mark

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