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Wonders of the Invisible World by Christopher Barzak

Wonders of The InvisiableSome families have a few skeletons in their closets, but Aiden Lockwood’s family really takes this to another level. The book starts out with 17-year-old Aiden who is going through life in a bit of a haze. His childhood memories, in particular, are hard to recall until the return of a friend that he hadn’t seen in many years. With his friend’s help, Aiden starts to piece together memories from his past. Memories that lead to strange dreams and a mysterious voice that calls to him.

Aiden’s mother turns out to be a central figure in his memory block. As she gradually lifts the veil that has been clouding his mind, he learns of mystical powers inherited from a family of seers and psychics. He’ll need all of these special abilities once he discovers the source of the curse that was placed on his family long ago. A curse that insures the men of the Lockwood family will all meet death before their time.

Some elements of this story I enjoyed very much, and some I did not. For the most part, though, it was well written and the tangled web of family history with all its secrets and tragedy came together in a satisfying conclusion.

– Mark

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