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Dead Boy by Laurel Gale

Dead BoyCrow Darlingson is dead. He knows this because of the maggots, rotting flesh, decaying body parts, and the stench. What he doesn’t know is how he died and why he’s still hanging around at home with his overprotective and clingy mom.  She homeschools her eleven-year-old boy and rarely lets him go outside or have contact with anyone but her.

One day, new neighbors move in and we meet Melody Plympton, who is about the same age as Crow. Both lonely for a friend, the pair quickly bond during late night meet-ups in their adjoining back yards. Melody has a fascination with all things magical and becomes convinced that some sort of a curse is responsible for Crow’s ‘dead but alive’ condition.

Venturing out to a local park one night, they stumble across an abandoned storage shed. Inside they find a creature that is somehow strangely familiar to Crow. After escaping the shed, he presses his father for details of his death and learns that a wish-granting mythical beast called a Meera was indeed responsible for bringing him back to life.

Thus starts a quest for the new friends to challenge the Meera and try to pass a series of tests in hopes of having their wishes granted. It’s not so easy, as they soon find out, and wishes don’t always turn out the way they’re intended.

I found this story somewhat sad in the beginning, but it really pulled me in as I began to root for the friends to pass each of the tests they’re presented with. There are some interesting themes and morals tied into the wishes and overall this was a unique and enjoyable tale.

– Mark

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