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Charlie and the Grandmothers by Katy Towell

Charlie and the GrandmothersYou could call twelve-year-old Charlie Oughtt a bit of a nervous boy and that would be true. Yet when many of the neighborhood children start disappearing, it’s Charlie that quickly notices something is amiss. When their mother suddenly sends the boy and his younger sister to stay with Grandmother Pearl, he suspects that many of his fears are about to become real. You may be wondering, why is Charlie so suspicious about this strange turn of events? Well, for starters, the siblings don’t even have a Grandmother Pearl.

Thus begins the tale of Charlie the worrier and his bold and adventure-seeking sister Georgie. They witness many strange events at “grandmother’s” house, starting with the fact that there are now two grandmothers. Nothing is as it appears to be as rooms change size from one moment to the next, doors appear out of nowhere and the grandmothers are definitely not who they pretend to be.

As the siblings are kept away from each other, Georgie is starting to forget many of the events that have just transpired and even Charlie isn’t feeling like himself. Could it be that evil forces are at play, feeding on the fears and nightmares of children? Is there a sinister plot to hold the world’s children captive and drain them of their memories? Will Charlie, who’s scared of almost everything, discover hidden strength and overcome his worst fears to save everyone? You’ll have to pick this book up to find out.

I found this story to be very imaginative with great writing and I highly recommend this title.

– Mark

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