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The Dinosaur Disaster by Matthew McElligott

The Dinosaur DisasterSix students arrive for their first day of school at the Mad Scientist Academy. When they first arrive, they find their teacher, Dr. Cosmic, all tied up. He explains that he was trying to put one of their school pets, Oscar, on a leash but he escaped. When one of the students asks what type of pet it is, the doctor says that you could consider him a dinosaur.

The doctor tells children to keep an eye out for Oscar as they make their way to meet a hologram of Dr. Tibia. She’s a paleontologist and gives the children a brief overview of fossils and the possible cause of dinosaurs’ extinction. During the overview, Dr. Cosmic is dealing with some malfunctions.

Suddenly a mechanical Triceratops breaks through a wall. Dr. Cosmic explains that the dinosaurs are set in safe mode, but it has a live mode for scientists to study how the dinosaur would behave in the wild.
Dr. Cosmic gives the children handbooks and a puzzle to solve. He shows them to an exhibit full of many dinosaurs, gives them their first clue, and then heads off to find Oscar. As they go from clue to clue, they learn facts about the dinosaurs. They are soon stopped in their tracks as they hear Dr. Cosmic and then a loud BOOM! The children follow the noise and discover that all the robot dinosaurs are now in live mode!

After escaping the mechanical dinosaurs and shutting them down, the students find Dr. Cosmic once again tied up, however this time it’s with Oscar in tow. What is Oscar? You’ll have to pick up this fun fact filled book to find out!

– Amanda

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