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The Oregon Trail by Rinker Buck

The Oregon TrailThis book was an interesting mix of history, humor, personal memoir, and travelogue. The author and his more than capable brother Nick go on an epic adventure that will eventually cover over two thousand miles through six states – all in mule-powered covered wagons.

The idea is born when Rinker Buck has a chance encounter with wagon ruts from the original pioneers who traveled the Oregon Trail. Combined with fond memories of a covered wagon vacation their father had taken the family on back in the 1950’s, the brothers set in motion their plan for an adventure that few would dare to undertake.

The trip required meticulous planning, not to mention a great deal of research about the trail in old journals, historical documents, and maps. The trek from Missouri to Oregon would take the brothers over four months to complete along with their team of three mules that pulled both a covered wagon and a smaller trail wagon.

Much like the early pioneers, the brothers encountered many difficulties and obstacles along the way. There are numerous equipment breakdowns and broken wheels but these are hard headed men who are as determined to succeed as the early settlers.

With much of the Oregon Trail fading away, this book is a great way to recapture the spirit and tenacity of those who would push themselves to the limits of their endurance. It is filled with tales of real pioneers who lived and died along the trail as well as modern day trail enthusiasts who venture to keep the trail history alive.

– Mark

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