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Diary of a Mad Brownie by Bruce Coville

Diary of a Mad BrownieAngus is a 150-year-old brownie that loves to do chores for humans. As the story starts out, he is readying to embark on a great and fateful journey into the next part of his life.  The reason behind this major change is Sarah, the human he was most recently bound to, is currently on her death bed.  Sarah informs Angus he must leave Scotland to travel to America and serve young Alex Carhart.

Upon Sarah’s passing, Angus ventures from the human world into the Enchanted Realm.  Over a week and several interesting people later, he finally makes it to America.  Arriving at Alex’s home, he goes through a pet door (Satan’s door as he refers to it) and meets a monster (the family cat).  Eventually making his way to Alex’s room and finding a place to sleep.

On the first morning Angus isn’t sure where to even begin.  Alex’s room is beyond a pig sty; however the thought of her being pleased by a clean room pushes him to begin.  When Alex arrives home, instead of being happy that her room is now more room-like, she freaks out.

Eventually, Alex sets a trap by spreading molasses all around her bed and Angus, unfortunately, steps in it and gets stuck.  Will Alex accept Angus and the binding, and if so, will they become friends?  Join Angus and Alex as they attempt to co-exist and learn valuable lessons along the way.

This was a very comical and cute book.  Young readers will surely enjoy following Angus and the Carharts.

– Amanda

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