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Circus Mirandus by Cassie Beasley

Circus MirandusBrought together through the death of his parents, Micah has spent several blissful years with his Grandpa Ephraim; to Micah, grandpa is all anyone could ask for. He regales young Micah with tales of a magical Circus that he discovered as a child. Micah is captivated by these stories that Grandpa Ephraim brings to vivid life with fantastic characters such as an invisible tiger that guards the gates, the beautiful flying bird woman and the mysterious “Manager”.

Micah’s favorite stories are the ones about the powerful magician – the Man Who Bends Light. His grandpa tells about how this very talented magician had the most popular show at the circus. The magician delighted in showing the wonders and mysteries of the world to the audience through spectacular illusions.  On his last day at the circus, he offered Grandpa Ephraim a miracle. Being mindful of his future, Grandpa Ephraim asked to save the miracle, or so the story went.

All too soon for Micah, Grandpa Ephraim becomes deathly ill and Micah’s Great Aunt Gertrude comes to take care of them.   She is a horrible person – mean, nasty and nothing like her brother. Micah is faced with the frightening reality that should Grandpa Ephraim die, Aunt Gertrude and her cruelty will be his future.

Knowing he will die soon, Grandpa Ephraim shares his secret with Micah; the stories are true! Now the time has come for Grandpa Ephraim to cash in the miracle he has been saving for over 50 years. Possessing unwavering faith and love for the dying man, Micah knows he will do whatever he can to help. Teaming up with his friend Jenny, they set out to find the Circus Mirandus and the magical man he believes can save his grandfather. This could be an adventure that will change his life forever.

– Renee

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