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Love May Fail by Matthew Quick

Love May FailThe celebrated author of The Silver Linings Playbook returns with the equally quirky Love May Fail. Portia Kane is a self-declared feminist who embarks on a journey to find the meaning of life after she catches her no-good husband cheating on her. Disgusted with living the high life in Florida, Portia heads back to South Jersey to reconnect with her mother, a lonely hoarder. During the plane ride home, Portia chats with a mysterious nun whose interest in Portia’s hard luck story turns out to be the divine intervention she is looking for. Little does Portia realize that this chance meeting will set her on a path to personal redemption.

It is shortly thereafter that Portia discovers her favorite high school teacher Mr. Vernon has gone into hiding after a horrendous classroom incident. Considering this to be the epiphany she has been waiting for, Portia decides her life’s mission is to become his savior. While on this quest she enlists the help of some former high school friends that produces touching and surprising results.

Anyone growing up in the eighties will enjoy this novel full of nostalgia and cultural references. With its offbeat characters and at times improbable plot twists, the story may be a little long-winded and over the top for some, but for those readers that are Matthew Quick fans, they will certainly not be disappointed.

– Susan

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