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Make it Messy: My Perfectly Imperfect Life by Marcus Samuelsson

Make it MessyThis book was quite an interesting read as, to be honest, I had never heard of the world-famous chef and author before this. Mr. Samuelsson delivers an impactful and inspiring autobiography for teen readers with this new book based on his adult memoir, “Yes, Chef”. It is a story about overcoming incredible life challenges and rising to the top of one’s profession. Certainly there are mistakes made along the way, but that makes his story all the more encouraging and relatable.

Marcus was just a toddler in his native Ethiopia when a terrible tuberculosis epidemic swept through his village. Orphaned, but alive, he and his sister were adopted by a loving couple from Sweden, where they could escape the ravages of disease and hardship. Marcus quickly developed a fondness for food and cooking thanks to his new grandmother who helped him develop the skill and passion that would eventually become his life’s work.

Although briefly sidetracked with dreams of becoming a professional soccer player, Marcus never truly veers from his true calling as he trains and cooks in many of the finest kitchens in Europe. Eventually his ambitions bring him to New York City, where his work ethic and culinary skills quickly get him noticed by elite and important restaurants. Marcus goes on to many outstanding accomplishments, including being the youngest chef to ever receive two three-star ratings from the New York Times. He is the owner of the famed Red Rooster restaurant in Harlem and has also starred on Discovery Home Channel’s “Inner Chef” television series as well as many other achievements.

This book is filled with encouragement to young people about overcoming obstacles and pursuing their dreams.

– Mark

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