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Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave

Eight Hundred GrapesEight Hundred Grapes is Laura Dave’s fourth book and my first experience with this author.  It’s set in the beautiful Sonoma wine country with characters I hated to say good-bye to.

Georgia Ford and her fiancé Ben are days away from getting married when Georgia suddenly learns that Ben has been keeping a secret, one that will change their future.  Georgia runs to her safe haven, her family’s vineyard, only to find that her family is coming apart in unexpected ways.

Dan and Jen Ford’s marriage has been the kind of relationship that has set the standard for Georgia, but now it’s on the brink of dissolving. Georgia’s brothers, Bobby and Finn are suddenly at odds over a woman, Bobby’s wife no less.

The vineyard is also a member of the family in its own way. The work is risky; a bad harvest or two can rock your financial stability, but ultimately it’s fulfilling and meaningful work.

Through flashbacks we see Georgia and Ben’s idyllic relationship blossom and grow, but now everything is changing with the discovery of a daughter Ben never knew he had, a daughter whose mother clearly still has feelings for him. And worst of all, Ben kept it a secret from Georgia.

Can this family sort out their relationships?  Or will everything conspire against them to ruin Georgia and Ben’s big day?

I highly recommend this title to anyone who loves a good, satisfying book that slowly reveals its layers.  It’s worth getting to know these characters despite their very human flaws.  Ultimately, this story is about the choices we make in life and how our family influences those choices.

– Amy

Order in Bibz.


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