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Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer by Kelly Jones

Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poutry FarmerSophie Brown and her family have just moved from Los Angeles to an old farm. The farm belonged to her great uncle that passed away.  While exploring the farm, she comes across a catalog for the Redwood Farm Supply in the barn.  To pass the time, she writes letters to her grandmother, uncle and to Redwood Farm Supply.  In her letters, she describes her adventures and her feelings.

Although she believes the farm to be animal free, she wakes up one morning and discovers a little white chicken hanging around the old chicken coop.  This chicken is far from ordinary.  She cares for the chicken and swears it has super powers and isn’t sure what to do.  After several letters, Agnes at the Redwood Farm Supply replies and advises her to keep the chicken a secret.

As the weeks pass, more chickens begin making appearances.  These chickens also have their own special traits. Sophie learns that the neighbor boy has information on three more chickens that belonged to Sophie’s great uncle.  However, they’re being held captive by a local farmer who wants the chickens for their unique abilities.

Will Sophie be able to rescue the missing chickens or will the farmer succeed in stealing all the unusual chickens?

  • Amanda

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