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The Boys of Fire and Ash by Meaghan McIsaac

The Boys of Fire and AshThis book is set in a very scary and different world than we know. It follows the lives of the Ikkuma Brothers. These boys are abandoned at birth in the Ikkuma volcanic pits by mothers that don’t want male children. They take care of each other and have become brothers by fate.  The Bigger boys get assigned a baby and he takes on the role of raising the baby, teaching him and making sure he is fed and healthy. When a big brother becomes a man at the age of 16, he leaves the pits and makes room for a new little brother.  No big brother has ever come back after he has departed on his leaving day, until now.

Near death and being chased by huge angry beasts, Blaze returns and offers no explanation for his mysterious arrival. Blaze brings with him trouble the boys have never seen. The monsters kill one little brother and take another one to be sacrificed to their god. Little brothers die all the time but not like this. Big Brothers are obligated to take care of little ones, so they follow the beasts in the hopes of a rescue. Blaze and a few big brothers chase the beasts and leave the pit embarking on a journey that has never been attempted before. And hopefully will never happen again.

This book is about emotional and physical discovery. I found it fascinating to read and enjoyed the development of the story. It leaves you on the edge of your seat!

– Renee

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