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The Daylight Marriage by Heidi Pitlor

The Daylight MarriageMissing spouses are a common theme in many novels and have resulted in some of our biggest literary sensations, such as Gone Girl and Where’d you go, Bernadette. Heidi Pitlor’s spin on the subject is a highly comparable psychological thriller that is no less riveting.

To the outside world, Hannah and Lovell Hall seem to have the perfect marriage. But after 20 years their love for each other is slowly fading and it all comes to a screeching halt one night after a terrible fight. The next morning Hannah turns up missing and in the blink of an eye Lovell’s world is turned upside down.

During Hannah’s absence we are taken inside the Hall’s marriage. Told from both points of view, we learn how each spouse felt about their relationship and their attempts to make sense of how and when things started to fall apart. Polar opposites who were initially attracted to each other sadly realize that when the rose-colored glasses come off, a rapid unraveling of a promising future soon follows.

Filled with moments of quiet desperate and contemplation, combined with the everyday experiences we all face, this novel will slowly draw you in and keep you turning its pages until the very end.

– Susan

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