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Valiant by Sarah McGuire

ValiantAt the start of this book, 17-year-old Saville Gramton is traveling with her father for a fresh start in a new town. Saville would much rather have stayed home and sing at her mother’s graveside than travel with her unloving father who has uprooted the family because he can’t get along with anyone. He is a tailor by trade and they are on their way to the capital city of Reggen. There, her father has high hopes to become the king’s tailor and, since no one else can work with him, Saville is expected to assist her father in the family business. To say she is resentful of this is an understatement. But when her father suddenly becomes ill, she must proceed with his plans in order to survive – even going so far as disguising herself as a boy to become the clothes maker to the king.

Saville is strong willed, smart and brave which are traits she’ll need when facing an army of evil giants that are heading toward Reggen. She outsmarts the giants and tricks them into leaving while earning the praise and respect of the city. When she tells the king that she’s not the boy they thought, he’s not happy about the scandal their new champion would cause. Saville is aided by Lord Verras who may have more than just a passing interest in keeping her out of the dungeon. It’s a good thing because Saville has discovered there’s more than meets the eye with the giants as they are being led by an invincible Duke who’s bent on taking over the kingdom.

Will the courageous tailor girl be able to save those she loves and conquer evil? We’ll see …

– Mark

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