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Look! by Jeff Mack

Look!Gorilla is trying to get boy’s attention by being silly, but boy is too busy with his nose in the TV.  Gorilla is saddened, but tries something else.  The boy only gets annoyed and tells him to “Look Out.”  Gorilla only wants some attention, what can he do now?

Gorilla tries to balance on several books but only ends up falling and the boy once again hollers at Gorilla.  The boy kicks Gorilla out of the room and the boy continues watching TV.  Gorilla enters the room standing on a tricycle and juggling books.  This gets the boy’s attention but then things go horribly wrong when Gorilla falls off and lands on the boy and knocks the TV over.

The boy is distraught because now the TV is broken.  Angrily he tells Gorilla to get out.  Gorilla walks away with his head hung low and his heart broken.  Now that the boy doesn’t have the TV, he notices one of the books lying on the ground.  He picks it up and begins reading it.  Gorilla comes back in and the boy is excited to share the story with Gorilla.  They snuggle up and enjoy the book together.  What a perfect ending!

With very few words actually spoken in the book, it’s a sweet and wonderful way for children to use their imaginations to interpret the story and feelings as they wish.  I recommend adding it to your shelf.

  • Amanda

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