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The Book That Proves Time Travel Happens by Henry Clark

The Book that Proves Time Travel HappensThis book is an imaginative tale of time travel and acceptance with some historical fiction, Morse code and ancient Chinese text added in for good measure. The story centers on young Ambrose Brody who is a middle school student with an Irish father and an Afro-French-Canadian mother. His dad is a history teacher at his school and he kind of just got suspended because of his propensity for dressing like various characters throughout history.

While seeking the guidance of a carnival fortuneteller, Ambrose befriends Shofranka “Frankie” Camlo, daughter of Madame Janus the seer. The two, along with best buddy Tom Xui, first set out to find a missing Camlo family heirloom known as the Shagbolt which, as it turns out, was hidden in the boys’ school. The trio gets caught just as they find the magical device and in an attempt to flee their captors, Frankie activates the Shagbolt, which just so happens to be a time travel device.

They are whisked away, back to the year 1852 but they quickly find they’ve gone from bad to worse as they’re now running for their lives from dreadful slave catchers. The friends must combine their special talents while they search for clues to help them get back to their own time and do so without changing the future. Fortunately they have help along the way as they figure out the hints hidden in the ancient Chinese text called the I-Ching.

– Mark

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