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The League of Beastly Dreadfuls by Holly Grant

The League of Beastly DreadfulsAnastasia McCrumpet is a 5th grade student at Mooselick Elementary where she’s a completely average almost eleven-year-old girl.  She lives with her parents (and a grudge-holding, revenge-pooping guinea pig named Muffy) in an ordinary house, in an ordinary town. And as you may have guessed, she feels very ordinary too. But there’s more to the story after Anastasia finds out that her parents may have suddenly died in a tragic vacuum cleaner accident. After hearing the news, she’s whisked away by two “great aunts” who she doesn’t recall ever meeting and quickly turn out to be not so great. Aunts Prudence and Primrose take Anastasia to their home – the former St. Agony’s Asylum for the Criminally Insane.

Soon the mystery deepens as she discovers strange goings on at the creepy castle-like residence. Anastasia quickly realizes that her aunties may not be who they claim to be and that she’s being held against her will. While exploring the asylum, she meets mysterious brothers Quentin and Ollie and the trio begin to plan their escape. This book tells a fantastical account and is filled with shapeshifters, shadow dwellers and other oddities as well. Who will come to the rescue for Anastasia and expose the sinister “aunties” for who they really are? You will be surprised by the ending.

– Mark

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