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The Future of the Catholic Church with Pope Francis by Gary Wills

The Future of the Catholic ChurchHighly respected journalist and Catholic Church observer Gary Wills once again puts his beloved institution under the proverbial microscope, this time focusing his attention on cultural icon Pope Francis.

With all the well-deserved attention and brouhaha this pope has elicited it’s no surprise we are being exposed to a glut of opinions and advice on how he should change the church. Francis’ behavior and refreshing attitude about running  the 2,000 year old establishment has gotten many a Catholic excited (and a few disgruntled).

Using several key touch points in Catholic history, Wills gives fine argument as to why the church needs to update its practices and doctrines to survive. A good percentage of his viewpoint stresses the imperative need to bury the senseless cronyism and patriarchal attitudes that have managed to thrive under many a popedom.

While the writing style may be a little dry for some readers, I did enjoy Wills’ amusing anecdotes and opinions peppered throughout the book. Those who are interested in juxtaposing church history with contemporary hot-button issues (Latin Mass, contraception, and confession, to name a few) will find this absorbing and relevant reading.

– Susan

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