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Forgiveness 4 You by Ann Bauer

Forgiveness for YouAnn Bauer’s latest offering is a guilty pleasure of a novel which will either delight you or… offend you. Given my inherent interest in the cultural hub-bub generated by our current “rock-star” Pope, I was immediately lured by the intriguing title.

Gabe McKenna is a former priest with a deep secret. We are left to wonder what this Big Secret is and the author has fun teasing us along as we try to decipher the mysterious loner. Selling books in a downtown Mom-and-Pop bookstore after he abruptly quits the priesthood is Gabe’s immediate plan. Seems to be working too, that is, until Madeline Murray stumbles in and breaks down with a sobbing confession.

It’s not long afterward that a “Light bulb Moment” takes place:  Madeline happens to be an ad exec looking to save her floundering agency and Gabe inspires her to come up with the brilliant idea of “selling” confessions to the general public. All the forgiveness with none of the work! Even though Gabe is a little skeptical about the idea he is quickly swept away into the fast-paced environs of Madeline’s agency. Having a taste of the secular life he seldom knew, Gabe soon finds himself attracted not only to the CEO but all the worldly trappings that come along with the brand Forgiveness 4 You.

It’s a crazy ride for Gabe & Co. and the surprise ending will have you thinking about this kaleidoscopic cast of characters long after the last page is read. An irreverent, original, and highly entertaining book that will no doubt be chatted up at the local water cooler. It will also make an outstanding book club discussion involving Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials.

– Susan

Order in Bibz.


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