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Nightbird by Alice Hoffman

NightbirdNightbird is a wonderfully enchanting tale about acceptance, friendship and love.  The story is narrated by a little girl named Twig that has a secret that she can share with no one.   Twig’s family has been living with a 200 year old curse that affects only the men in their family and they will do anything to keep their secret. Everyone in town believes that they are being terrorized by monsters but in reality it’s far less mystical.  Twig and the rest of her family have kept themselves separate from the town folk in order to keep their curse a secret and everything is going fine until someone moves into the house next to their orchards. This is a beautiful story about friendship and love with just enough fantasy to keep you guessing.  All becomes clear as the story unfolds into a surprising ending!

I would think this book is targeted towards middle school age children but it’s interesting enough to keep adults entertained. Very good book!

– Renee

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