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Girl in the Dark by Anna Lyndsey

Girl in the DarkThis story of extraordinarily brave “Anna” tells the heartbreaking tale of a young lady dealing with a chronic and debilitating condition rendering her a virtual prisoner in her own home.

As a young girl growing up, Anna had no health issues and enjoyed the seemingly normal life we all take for granted. During her tenure at an office job, surrounded by fluorescent lights and the ubiquitous computer screen she is forced to notice something is going horribly wrong. Anna becomes increasingly sensitive to light and when her body becomes unable to process it she flees her work and becomes a hermit, imprisoned in darkness.

Written in a captivating, almost poetic style, Anna describes the years of torture she endures and the ways she manages to cope. After consulting numerous specialists who have no answers for her, Anna stoically resolves to make the best of her situation. By her side is Pete, the love of her life, who met her before her illness and courageously resolves to stay by her side.

This intriguing story is the very essence of the maxim about life giving you lemons. With stark honesty Anna relates her tireless quest to make sense of her mysterious illness. This impressive memoir deserves attention for celebrating the resilience of the human spirit.

– Susan

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