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Crazy Love You by Lisa Unger

Crazy Love YouIan and Priss have been friends since they were children growing up in The Hollows in upstate New York. Priss was Ian’s best friend when he really needed one. Now, Ian is an adult and has moved to New York City and has become a successful graphic novelist. Due to a traumatic childhood, he is also dealing with some addiction and anger issues.

Priss still comes around but usually when she does she brings trouble. Ian is growing tired of partying all the time with Priss and wants to get his life together. When Ian meets Megan, he falls for her instantly. He convinces her to start dating him and before long they are planning their wedding. Things begin going quickly downhill for Ian after he meets Megan.

Priss doesn’t like change and is worried that she’ll lose Ian.  Fearful of losing Megan, Ian tries to cut Priss out of his life. This leads to many terrible things happening in Ian’s life. Ian is at the point where he thinks he may be losing his mind. Is Priss responsible for all the bad things or is it all in Ian’s head?

I devoured this psychological thriller just as fast as Unger’s last one, In the Blood. She has quickly become one of my favorite authors.

– Tina

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