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February is National Chocolate Lovers Month

Feast your eyes on all of these irresistible titles on my favorite subject…chocolate!  February is National Chocolate Lovers month so indulge in some books on the subject.  There are titles for all ages, including fiction and nonfiction.  You can learn about the history and health benefits, how it’s made, recipes, and there’s even fun picture books for young chocolate lovers.  View the entire list.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie QueenThe Chocolate Chip Cookie Queen by Carmen BredesonEveryone loves chocolate chip cookies.  Learn about Ruth Wakefield, the Toll House Inn, and how she invented the chocolate chip cookie!  Learn more and order here.
No Monkeys, No ChocolateNo Monkeys, No Chocolate by Melissa Stewart and Allen YoungYoung readers are taken on a trip to the tropical rainforest where they discover how plants and animals help make chocolate.  They learn about the key ingredient, the cocoa bean, and the life cycle of the tree that produces the cocoa bean.  Learn more and order here.
Eat Chocolate, Lose WeightEat Chocolate, Lose Weight by Will ClowerAuthor Will Clower presents cutting-edge research that proves the health benefits of consuming chocolate on a daily basis.  Hallelujah!  Readers are presented with an 8-week, science-based plan designed to help relieve stress, promote heart health, lower blood sugar, stop cravings, increase metabolism, and shed pounds. There’s a 6-week meal plan and more than 50 chocolate recipes.  Readers will learn which chocolate provides the most health benefits and weight loss and the optimal amount of daily chocolate to eat. Includes stories and tips from real people who have tried the plan and lost more than 75 pounds! Learn more and order here.
Fine Cooking ChocolateFine Cooking Chocolate by Taunton Press Indulge in the best 150 chocolate recipes from the pages of Fine Cooking.  Recipes include cakes, pies, breads, muffins, cookies, bars, candies and more!  Both novice cooks and seasoned bakers will love these easy, delicious recipes.  Learn more and order here.

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