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The Missing One by Lucy Atkins

The Missing OneKal McKenzie’s life is falling apart. Her mother has just died of breast cancer and she finds suspicious text messages on her husband’s phone. Kal is devastated and takes her young son, Finn, with her to her mother’s funeral.

While going through some of her mother’s things, she finds some postcards from a woman she has never heard of. This woman has sent a postcard to her mother on the same day for years and the cards all say the same thing.

In a state of crisis, Kal sets out to meet this mysterious woman. She travels from England to Canada with her son. Her husband and her sister think she has lost her mind, but Kal is determined to discover the mystery behind her mother’s past.

When she gets to Canada and meets the gallery owner, Susannah, Kal starts to doubt her own sanity. Susannah is not what she expected and does not seem happy to meet her although she invites Kal and Finn into her home and gives them a place to stay.

As the days pass, Kal begins to wonder if something is wrong with Susannah. She sometimes seems to mistake Kal for her mother and she reacts very strangely to Finn. As Kal starts to discover the secrets from her mother’s past she realizes how much danger she has put Finn in and she may be too late to save him.

This book really held my attention from the first page. It was very suspenseful and it was a race to the end to discover what the tragedy from her mother’s past was all about. I look forward to reading more books by this author.

– Tina

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