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The Left Behinds: The iPhone that Saved George Washington by David Potter

The Left BehindsThree 12-year-old students of a snooty boarding school in New Jersey spend Christmas break with their social studies teacher. Not because they want to but because their parents are too busy to have them home over the holidays.  They’re called the “left behinds” as the school staff callously describe them.

First there is Mel. His dad was a big shot on Wall Street and lost it all during the crash. Next is Bev whose mom is a fading actress in Los Angeles. And last is Brandon who is from New Mexico where his family has something to do with the oil industry.

Their teacher, Mr. Hart, takes them on field trips over the holidays. One such field trip is to a reenactment of Washington’s crossing of the Delaware. While the three kids are off exploring, they find a MacBook. As Brandon is playing with the tablet, all of the friends’ iPhones start to do weird things and they suddenly find themselves transported to a stable, standing over the dead body of none other than George Washington. Needless to say it’s not going to be an easy task to set history right or get back to their own time.

If you’re familiar with the story of the crossing of the Delaware, you already know how that ends but for the three kids in this tale, finding George Washington dead is just the beginning of a wild, fast-paced time travel adventure through history.

– Ellen

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