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Descent by Tim Johnston

DescentWhen eighteen year old Caitlin Courtland goes for a morning run in The Rocky Mountains, only younger brother Sean makes it back.  Sean has been hit by a truck and while going off with the driver to get help, his sister has disappeared.  For years the family continues to search for their daughter, never giving up hope that she is still out there somewhere.  With their lives spiraling out of control and tormented by thoughts of what may be happening to Caitlin if she is still alive, her father stays in the area and continues harassing the police to keep searching.

How long do you keep going until you give up? How long until the madness of not knowing eats you alive?

A suspense thriller with complex characters, you will be hooked and unable to put this one down. The ending was a big shocker!

– Tina

Order in Bibz.


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