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Tear You Apart by Sarah Cross

Tear You ApartThis book puts a very interesting spin on the fairy tales that we all know and love.

In this rendition, the stories are curses that are bestowed upon anyone with the slightest trace of fairy blood in their lineage. In this cursed land there are several Cinderella’s, Sleeping Beauty’s and Snow White’s. Basically, if there was a story about it, it’s a curse. These are curses because they don’t necessarily end well for anyone involved. Sometimes they have a ‘happily ever after’ and sometimes they don’t.

This book primarily follows the life of Viv, who has been cursed with the Snow White curse. Her childhood friend and first love is cursed to be her huntsman and every day she fears that he will one day kill her. She struggles daily with her busy and uninterested father and her evil spiteful step mother.

This story is very interesting and keeps you guessing. Author (Sarah Cross) has a fantastic imagination and I look forward to other books from her.

– Renee

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