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Kid-Safe Graphic Novels—January 2015

Are you looking to start or add to an existing children’s graphic novel collection?  Each month, Brodart’s graphic novels expert, Kat Kan, compiles a list of graphic novel titles appropriate for children.  The titles are kid-safe and librarian-approved so you can be assured they are suitable for young library patrons.  View the titles on the January 2015 list here.

Big Nate's Greatest HitsBig Nate’s Greatest Hits by Lincoln PeirceThis giant collection of hilarious Big Nate comic strips combines three previously bestselling e-book only collections — Big Nate Dibs on This Chair, Big Nate Makes a Splash, and Big Nate Pray for a Fire Drill.  Big Nate fans will love the wisecracks and shenanigans that the sixth-grade chess prodigy gets himself into.  Learn more and order here.
Dorothy and the WizardDorothy and the Wizard in Oz, Vol. 1 by Eric ShanowerAfter a giant earthquake, Dorothy, her cat, her cousin Zeb, and Zeb’s horse fall through a crack in the earth and end up in a strange new land. They go on in an adventure in the Land of Mangaboos and then end up in Oz. What will happen next for Dorothy and her friends?  Learn more and order here.
Little Mouse Gets ReadyLittle Mouse Gets Ready by Jeff SmithLittle Mouse is a perfect first time comic for brand-new readers!  Join Little Mouse as he gets ready to go visit the barn.  He has to master the task of getting dressed and learning how to deal with the snaps, buttons, velcro, and tail holes.  Learn more and order here.
AvatarAvatar, The Last Airbender. The Rift: Library Ed. by Gene Luen Yang    This collection of ‘The Rift Parts 1-3’ follows Avatar Aang and friends as they honor an Air Nomad holiday that hasn’t been celebrated in over 100 years.  Aang begins receiving visits from the spirit of Avatar Yangchen who leads him to a sacred Airbender land.  Aang finds himself in danger as a vengeful, destructive, ancient spirit awakens.  Learn more and order here.

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