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Monkey Wars by Richard Kurti

Monkey WarsWasting no time drawing the reader into the grips of the book, we learn of an attack and death of a human by the Rhesus monkeys.  A troop of Langur monkeys then invades the home of the Rhesus monkeys, where a brutal massacre ensues.  Those that survived fled.

Alternating views told through the perspectives of Papina, a Rhesus monkey and Mico, a Langur monkey, helps readers get a feel for each side.   By all means, these two should be mortal enemies but a friendship builds between them.

Bent on domination, the Langurs go on an all-out war against all the rest of the monkeys in Kolkata.   Mico is torn between following the orders, which they are taught from an early age not to question, and protecting Papina and her friends.

We watch Mico grow from the young, naive, questioning monkey into the trusted advisor of a power-hungry dictator.  Soon, he quickly realizes he is playing a dangerous game.

While everything appears clear cut, the author shows us that things aren’t always as black and white as they may seem.

Fast paced, short chapters, realistic descriptions of locations, and monkeys with personalities that makes them easy to relate to, this book is a great read.  Don’t judge this book by its cover and be sure to pick up your copy today.

– Amanda

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