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Frozen in Time by Mark Kurlansky

Frozen in TimeClarence Birdseye was born at the height of the Industrial Revolution and grew up in a time when both Europe and America seemed to have new devices coming out every week.

We learn of Clarence’s (he later went by Bob) likes, his dreams, his family background, his childhood, and education.  Bob was a naturalist and a thrifty thinker.

Forced to drop out of college due to lack of funding, Bob headed west to find work and adventure.  He quickly realized how much westerners lived on food from a can and the need for preserved food.

Birdseye left the west for Washington, D.C. to work for the Department of Agriculture.  He volunteered to go trapping and shooting in highly ingested areas of Montana to help solve the Bitterroot spotted fever problem.  After helping solve the problem, he moved on to his next project.

Throughout his life, he developed many ideas and used them to create companies that he would turn around and sell.  His passion seemed to be in freezing.

After many attempts at freezing and selling items, Birdseye finally hit his big break when Postum Cereal Co. bought out one of his businesses, General Seafoods Corp. They created a division, Birds Eye Frosted Food Division, in which Bob was an executive.  During the 1940’s, thanks to Birds Eye’s competition, frozen food finally became popular.

It’s hard to imagine what our world would be like without the frozen foods that we’ve come to depend on.

– Amanda

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