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Thomas Paine by Albert Marrin

Thomas PaineI am by no means a nonfiction, historical, or biographical fan.  I’m ashamed to say that I’ve heard the name Thomas Paine but if asked who he was, I wouldn’t have a clue.  Now would be a good chance to read up on my history.

Prior to and during the American Revolution, Paine is one of the most important men behind the successful revolt of the American colonies and the subsequent formation of the United State of America.  Paine wrote for the common people and grabbed their attention by their emotions and intelligence.

Readers will also learn about the feud between Edmund Burke and Paine and the significance of their conflicting views.

Little fun facts keep readers in the mix and had me stop several times and say, “huh, that’s handy information to know”, for instance, where the phrase “reading them the riot act” came from.

This book is a great learning tool for young adults and for adults that could use a refresher course on an influential man or as he was dubbed, The Father of the American Revolution.

– Amanda

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