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Plot Perfect by Paula Munier

Plot PerfectPlot a specific path as you write your novel with examples, exercises, and insight that illuminates the three-act structure and how it can help you craft the story you need to tell. Checklists help you plan plots and subplots, as well as plan each individual act of your story.

While the examples from works of fiction and movies become a bit difficult to wade through, simply due to sheer volume, quotations from authors both classic and contemporary help inspire aspiring writers. The first six chapters cover areas with which many writers are already familiar, such as the inciting incident and introducing the story world. After a chapter-long case study of The Maltese Falcon and its plot points, subsequent chapters dive into pacing, themes, how to raise the stakes, and making sure each scene speaks to the theme in some deliberate way.

This is an ideal selection for “outline people” or “non-outline people” who are seeking a bit more structure while writing their novels. While I still prefer James Scott Bell’s Plot and Structure, Plot Perfect provides significant detail and gave me a new way of looking at my next project.

– Travis

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