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Like Water on Stone by Dana Walrath

Like Water on StoneThis book sounded like a good story to read, but when I picked it up and looked inside I was terrified to even start reading it.  Honestly, it looked like a book of poetry. I thought how can I write about a book of poetry?  Finally, I became brave enough to start reading and what a surprise I was in for.

Although this is a fictional story of historical events it is more importantly a story based on the author’s own family.

The story begins with a large family in Western Armenia.  Six children in all, they are Armenian Christians, while their neighbors are Turks and Kurds.  When war breaks out, the father thinks that they all will be safe as the village is full of their friends. The only person he has known to leave the area is his wife’s brother, who moved to America.  His youngest son, Shahen, begs his father almost daily to go live with his uncle. While Shahen’s twin sister, Sosi, wants nothing more than to live in the village her whole life.  But as war draws closer to the family, it is finally decided that the three youngest children must escape to Aleppo.

The children escape just in time and must race for their lives over mountains and through the desert to safety.  All this time on the run they have a guardian.  An eagle, Ardzir, who lost his mate and hatchlings to the drum caps.  Will the children make it safely to their uncle’s home?

For a book that I didn’t want to pick up, it quickly became a book I could hardly set down. It’s an incredible story of survival and one everyone should read.

– Ellen

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