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Frankenstein’s Fright Before Christmas by Ludworst Bemonster

Frankenstein's Fright Before ChristmasLudworst Bemonster, pen name for author Rick Walton and artist Nathan Hale, crafts a delightful rendition of The Night Before Christmas by putting some Halloween in it.
‘Twas the night before Christmas and Miss Devel has her hands full with little headless monsters that have bad manners. Finally getting them to bed and enjoying the silence is short lived as off in the distance arose such a clatter. She flew down the stairs and opened the door just in time for a loud crash.
Frankenstein had drug in a tree for St. Nick. We hear Santa up on the rooftop but then he and the reindeer crash through! Upon crashing to the floor, Santa’s sack full of gifts opened and out rolled some heads. The monsters were thrilled but Santa sure wasn’t. He and the reindeer high tailed it out of the house.
Once Miss Devel got the heads of the monsters on the right bodies, the monsters realized that Frankenstein didn’t have a present. He proclaimed he wanted to fly.
All of the monsters climbed into the sleigh. Miss Devel smiled and said as they soared out of sight, “Happy Christmas to me! To you monsters, good night!”
I loved this enchanting, yet slightly creepy, version of a classic. I would enjoy reading this to my children for Halloween or for Christmas and I highly recommend that you add it to your shelf.
– Amanda
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