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Trust Me, I’m Lying by Mary Elizabeth Summer

Trust Me, I'm LyingIn this book we meet Julep Dupree. She is going to high school at St. Agatha’s Preparatory School. Julep is what is referred to as a grafter or a con artist. She was taught this trade by her father.  They live in an apartment in the West Side Slums of Chicago.

As we are introduced to Julep she is helping out a friend from high school. Actually she is working for a friend trying to convince her mom that she is getting an interview from New York University. She convinces the mom to write an admissions check that goes back to her daughter, who will use it to live on as she tries to become a model in New York after graduation.

When Julep returns home from her friend’s, she finds the apartment trashed and her father missing. After scouring the apartment she finds a note from her father and a gun that belonged to her mother. Julep calls her best friend and stays at his place for the night.

This starts a long search while trying to decipher the note from her father.  Along the way, she finds more friends and other clues to what happened to him. When the FBI becomes involved, Julep and her friends must work with them. She also discovers that she is a strong person even in the face of death.

This book is a great read into the strength of one young woman and her hopes for a normal life.

– Ellen

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