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The Forgotten Girl by David Bell

The Forgotten GirlJason Danvers has not seen or heard from his alcoholic sister, Hayden, in 5 years.  When she shows up on his doorstep and asks him to keep her teenage daughter, Jason and his wife are shocked. The last time Hayden stayed with them she stole their car and crashed it into a tree. This time she appears to be clean and sober. She says she has business in town that she needs to take care of as part of her 12 step program. Jason and his wife agree to keep their niece for 48 hours.

When Hayden has not returned after 48 hours and they are unable to contact her they fear the worst. Her daughter takes off to try and find her mother. Jason starts investigating and discovers that something that happened on his high school graduation night may be connected to Hayden’s disappearance. Will Jason find his sister before something bad happens to her? Or, is it already too late?

This had just enough twists and turns to keep you turning the pages.

– Tina

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