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Atlantia by Ally Condie

AtlantiaClose your eyes after reading this story and you might see Atlantia’s citizens listening for voices in mysterious seashells or clambering at the chance to touch a most sacred ring that once belonged to Rio’s late mother, Oceana the Minister. That is how real this enclosed underwater society feels in Atlantia, Ally Condie’s first novel since her Matched trilogy.

In a future where the Divide separates those Above from those Below, Rio vows to find a way to the surface to find the sister she never thought would abandon Rio in the Below. The world was well fleshed out and quite breathtaking, but it felt a little claustrophobic. More characters would have benefited the tale.

That being said, Rio and Maire were well developed, and there were a few satisfying twists, but I did not get the same epic feeling that I felt while reading Ally Condie’s Matched trilogy. Rio seemed to spend a bit too much time in her own head; more secondary characters and a close friend or two would have helped.

The pacing felt acceptable, though the ending was a bit too clean and tidy for my liking. Still, there is an artistic resonance that makes this fantastical tale well worth the read.

– Travis

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