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Spark by John Twelve Hawks

SparkIn a near future where ‘nubots’ are steadily replacing human workers and surveillance is ever more pervasive, being dead has its advantages. 

So discovers Jacob Underwood, who has recovered from a critical motorcycle accident able to function physically, but who believes he is nonetheless internally dead, with no sensations, no emotions, and no attachments – the Spark of Jacob’s soul disconnected from the Shell of his body.  

This predicament turns out to be ideal for a man employed as a contract killer for a large multinational corporation, a job which leads Jacob on a series of globe-hopping travels, and progressively draws him into a complex web of intrigue and conspiracy.

The novel combines many of the familiar features of mysteries and speculative fiction with an unusual metaphysical twist.  A bit darker and more reflective than the average summer read, but clever and absorbing, and fans of science fiction and crime thrillers alike will find something to enjoy.

– Stacey

Order in Bibz.


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