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Five Days Left by Julie Lawson Timmer

download (1)Four years ago, Mara, a successful lawyer and devoted wife and mother, was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease. She made a promise to herself that when she started displaying symptoms that meant the disease was progressing she would take her own life to spare her family the pain of watching her degenerate and having to take care of her.

Four years later, Mara has been forced to retire from her job and she can no longer drive due to her disease. She has decided on the date when she will take her life and it’s now five days away.

Scott, an online friend she met on a forum, has been fostering a young boy for the past year while his drug addicted mother is in jail. He has bonded and become extremely close to the boy, but now he only has five days left to say goodbye before the boy is returned to his mother.  He has never meet Mara, but they often chat at night about their lives. He does not know that Mara has a fatal disease.

In the 5 days leading up to her planned death Mara goes through a million different emotions and changes her mind over and over again about her plan. Will she decide to wait and see how much longer she can last before becoming totally dependent on others and thus have more time with her family? Or, will she go through with her plan?

I will admit that this book made me cry more than once. I can’t imagine going through this type of pain especially when you have young children. Make sure you have lots of tissues nearby when you read this one.


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