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The Lost Key by Catherine Coulter

downloadNicholas Drummond has just left his job in London and come to New York as a new FBI agent. His new partner is Mike Caine and on his first day they are called out to a stabbing on Wall Street. They track down the murderer only to have him commit suicide as soon as they have him in their custody.

As they start investigating the victim, John Pearce, they find connections to a very old and secretive group called the Highest Order that dates back to the early 1900’s. Pearce’s dying words ‘the key is in the lock’ sends Drummond and Caine on a race around the world to try to solve the riddle of what the key is and where to find the lock.

Up against a madman, Manfred Havelock, they must solve the puzzle before Havelock gets to it first. Havelock will do anything, including murder, to find the lock and key because he knows what it contains and he will use it to rule the world.

Pearce’s son, Adam, is the only other person who has figured out the riddle, but he has disappeared along with his sister Sophie. If Drummond and Caine, with Sophie’s and Adam’s help, don’t stop Havelock the world will be forever changed.

This was one of the best Catherine Coulter books I have read. It was a very fast paced thriller with non-stop action.

– Tina

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