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We Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas

We Are Not OurselvesWe Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas

This is the story of Eileen Tumulty. When we first meet Eileen she is nine years old and sitting in a bar doing her homework. Her father would pick her up from school and together they would go to the bar where he worked. They would stay there until they left together to go home for supper.

After she graduates from high school she decides to go to school for nursing. She soon after meets her future husband. He seems to be a respectable man and is putting himself through college. Eileen’s husband, Ed Leary, eventually gets his PhD and becomes an expert on the brain. He becomes a professor, while continuing to do research, and much to Eileen’s disappointment, he continually refuses the promotions that come his way.

They decide the time is right to have a child and Eileen wants to move up so they buy an expensive house in a well-to-do neighborhood. It is here that their son Connell grows up. Unfortunately sadness will enter Eileen’s life. She must make some life altering decisions that will affect her family forever.

We see Eileen as a very strong woman, as she works to overcome the hardships that life has thrown at her. In reading this book I can see what is put in front of all women. It’s what we do with these struggles that define us and makes us who we are.

– Ellen

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