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The Perfect Witness

The Perfect Witness

The Perfect Witness by Iris Johansen

As a child, Teresa Casali discovered that she has a strange psychic gift –  she can read other people’s memories. After growing up with abusive parents who used her abilities for their own gains she trusts no one. Her gift is a curse to her in many ways. At sixteen, her stepfather tries to have her killed because he feels threatened by her and she is rescued by a man named Mandak. Although she doesn’t trust Mandak she has no other choice but to go on the run with him.

Mandak has his own special psychic gifts and he trains Teresa to control her own before she loses her sanity. But, he also has his own agenda that he refuses to reveal to her.  After months of physical and mental training he puts her into a Witness protection program with a new name and she goes to live with friends of his, although he visits every few months to make sure she is ok and to reinforce her mental blocks.

Seven years later, under her new name of Allie, she has finally learned to completely control her gift and to block out most people’s memories. She has grown to love the elderly couple that she has lived with the past 7 years and she is about to graduate college.

Then, her cover is blown and the very people she loves the most are in great danger. Once the truth comes out, Allie decides that she needs to use her gift to help Mandak put an end to a man who has been slaughtering his family for years even while putting her own life at risk.

I mostly enjoy Iris Johansen’s books and she has great story lines, however, I wish she would develop some unique characters. Since her Eve series, every book has a very strong willed, in your face, woman character that doesn’t trust anyone and they all have the same personalities. I would like to see a new type of character in her future books.

– Tina

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