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Lug: Dawn of the Ice Age by David Zeltser

LugLug is not your typical caveboy.  He likes to draw on the walls of the cave and isn’t violent.  Imagine how well this goes over.

We meet Lug as he is waking up with a lump on his head.  He doesn’t remember much.  His father informs him that Boulder, aka Big Man, wants to banish Lug from the clan. 

 Like a flood, memories of what happened came rushing back.  Earlier that day, the cavemen gathered in the hunting cave.  The caveboys were preparing to catch wild macrauchenia (llama).  If they failed, they are banished from the clan but if they succeeded they became cavemen.  The captured llamas were used for the Big Game of Headstone against their neighboring rivals’ clan, the Boar Riders. 

 Lug was shoved out of the cave by Bonehead (Big Man’s son) and shortly thereafter the others raced out and began capturing llamas.  Lug ends up getting headbutted by a llama and blacks out.

Lug gets banished.  To make matters worse, he ends up getting Bonehead banished too and is now being hunted by him.

He and Stony, the other caveboy that was banished, end up in Boar Riders’ territory.  They are eventually thrown in a cave and sealed in.  Echo, a red-haired Boar Rider girl, helps them escape.

 She takes them to another cave where she bring outs a Woolly Mammoth. No one had ever seen one and she came up with a brilliant idea to get Lug and Stony accepted back into their clan.

Will they be accepted back?  Do they win the Big Game?  How exactly does Lug save our species?  You won’t regret reading this one to find out.

 – Amanda

 Order in Bibz.


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