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The Distance by Helen Giltrow

The DistanceSet up initially as an ‘experiment’, The Program is in a rundown suburban area where criminals are taught to function as a self-regulating society. Although still technically behind ‘bars’ they have more liberty and responsibility than in a normal prison. They have the opportunity to sit on self-governing councils and are able to make their own rules. While things look great from the outside, the inside is a very different story.

 Charlotte Alton lives a double life. In one life, she is an elegant socialite. In her other life, for a price, Charlotte (known as Karla in her secret life) can erase your identity and give you a new one.

 When she is approached by Simon, a hit man who she has met in the past, he requests that she get him into The Program. His ‘job’ is to take out a woman who is in the experimental prison for reasons unknown to either of them. Karla gets him in, but the more she discovers about this woman’s past the more troubled she becomes. 

 Who wants this woman dead and why?  Is this a trap to discover her identity or is this a trap for Simon?  You’ll have to read it, to believe it.

 – Tina

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