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On a Clear Day by Walter Dean Myers

On a Clear DayFive-time Coretta Scott King Award winner Walter Dean Myers presents a gripping, futuristic young adult novel.

 The year is 2035.  Gangs roam the landscape attacking people, leading to the rise of gated communities and the movement to online schooling.  C-8, a consortium of giant companies, controls global access to finance, media, food, water, and energy resources, is trying to take over the world.

 Dahlia, struggling to survive completely on her own since the death of her parents, lives in New York as a Low Gater.  Gaters live in closed communities that are protected from the Sturmers, who are mercenary thugs.

 Dahlia is a computer whiz and is very good at math.  Being published in several journals has led Javier and Michael to her.  They want her to join their forces to try to foil the plans of C-8.

 While in London, they meet various teens that are involved in facets of this movement, as well as terrorists.

 Can this diverse group of teens be able to bring down the monster or will the monster eat them whole?

 You’re going to either love it or hate it.  Pick up your copy today and find out which category you fall into.

 – Amanda

 Order in Bibz.


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