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Don’t Look Back by Gregg Hurwitz

Don't Look BackEve Hardaway is a single divorced mother of a young son who suffers from celiac disease. Eve’s life revolves around taking care of her son and keeping him safe. So when Eve decides to take a hiking and rafting tour in Mexico it’s a huge decision for her. Unfortunately, what should be the trip of a lifetime ends up turning into a nightmare beyond her wildest dreams.

When Eve and the rest of the tour group are settled deep in the jungle, Eve wanders off the trail and discovers a small house in the woods. While hiding she sees a man throwing his machete at a human shaped target. The man gives Eve the creeps so she quietly goes back to her group. On her way back, she discovers a camera with the name Teresa Hamilton on it. When she looks at the pictures on the camera she sees some very disturbing pictures that involve the man in the woods. She also finds a prescription pill bottle with Teresa’s name on it she asks the tour guide about her. He says that Teresa left abruptly and went home, but Eve can tell he is lying.

When the man from the woods discovers that someone had been snooping outside his house he goes after the group to make sure none of them can talk about what they’ve seen. What happens after that is days of being on the run, people being murdered and, for Eve, not knowing if she will make it home to ever see her son again.

This is a terrifying fast-paced thriller that will keep you in suspense until the very last page. I could not put it down.

– Tina

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