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Dog and Bear: Tricks and Treats by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Dog and BearThis is the story of Dog and Bear. In the first part of the book, Dog and Bear are in a costume shop looking for their Halloween costumes. Bear is in the dressing room trying on a costume, when all of a sudden he calls out to Dog to come and see what he is seeing.  Dog comes into the dressing room and he finds a surprise…

The story then moves to Halloween night. Dog and Bear are home and the doorbell rings. Dog goes and answers the door to find trick-or-treaters. The trick-or-treaters say “Trick or Treat” and Dog says “Treat.”

As the night goes on, Dog and Bear continue to receive trick-or-treaters. All of a sudden Bear realizes that Dog forgot something every time the trick-or-treaters came to their door…

Dog and Bear are now going to do some trick or treating of their own. As the night goes on, they make their way to their final stop and ring the doorbell. A ghost answers, and Dog and Bear say “Trick or Treat.”  Ghost says “no treats for you, you are not wearing costumes”. “Yes we are” state Dog and Bear. Everyone’s in for a surprise!

The ending of this book was very funny.  My daughter loves Halloween so we will definitely be adding this one to our family library.

– Jodi

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