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August is Get Ready for Kindergarten Month

The countdown to Kindergarten is on!  Excitement and nervousness is building in anticipation of that bittersweet day when parents will send their little ones to school for the first day.  They still look so little.  How will they manage on their own?  So many thoughts go through each parents mind.  We have something to help!  These titles are perfect for parents who are preparing to send their child to kindergarten.  You can learn ways to prepare and also what your little one needs to know.  There are also plenty of picture books and easy readers geared towards the child who’s getting ready for their big kindergarten debut.  View the entire list here.

Planet Kindergarten by Sue Ganz-Schmitt Planet Kindergarten

A young astronaut prepares for his mission to Planet Kindergarten.  He is nervous as he blasts off to explore the unknown.  He meets the aliens who call Planet Kindergarten home, adjusts to his new setting, and discovers things he likes.  Youngsters can prepare for kindergarten with this fun, exciting title.  Learn more and order here.

What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know, Rev. and Updated Ed. by E.D. Hirsch  What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know

This first volume in the Core Knowledge Series is designed for use by parents and educators to help kindergartners learn the fundamental skills they need for school.  Introduces activities to help with the first stages of learning to read and write.  It also provides tips on what to look for in a good kindergarten program.  Learn more and order here.

Ready and Waiting for You by Judi Moreillon  Ready and Waiting for You

Readers are welcomed to their first day of school by a variety of people.  They can lift the flaps to meet the bus driver, teachers, and other school faculty.  Learn more and order here.

Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come! by Nancy L. Carlson        Look Out Kindergarten Here I Come

Henry is excited and raring to go on the first day of kindergarten but when he gets there it looks scary and he’s not so sure anymore.  He soon discovers that he is in fact ready for school but wasn’t ready for how much fun it’s going to be!   Learn more and order here.


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